Our professionals conduct independent investigations to obtain information and/or evidence to resolve client needs or challenges. This can include...

  1. Background investigations for employment suitability
  2. Allegations of misconduct requiring claims to be verified or disproved
    1. Internal theft
    2. Embezzlement
    3. Time clock violations
    4. Workers compensation fraud
  3. Missing persons or witness cases requiring locate services

The basic tools of our trade include interviews, surveillance, research and analysis, courtroom testimony, and unbiased reporting.


Fingerprinting is often required to determine if a prospective employee or business partner has a previous criminal history, and to update personnel files (every 2-3 years) to ensure no recent arrests, moving violations, DUI's, or similar change in status. This is conducted through local and national databases that utilize an automated fingerprint identification system or AFIS. Our professionals come to your location to fingerprint your employees, and will submit the completed fingerprint cards to the respective agencies. This will save your organization valuable time and money by allowing your operation to stay productive.


Information is often disclosed during face-to-face interviews of prospective clients, employees, and bystanders at an accident. Witnesses must be identified and interviewed to fully understand the circumstances behind an allegation or event. Our investigators have conducted hundreds of interviews relating to various subject matters, and utilize their training, experience, and interview skills as former law enforcement and security professionals to get to the truth.

Interviews must be conducted in a professional manner and devoid of coercive techniques. Some investigators follow the Barney Fife investigative approach which though entertaining, seldom yields the needed evidence.


The latest equipment and technology is utilized by our investigators to support their investigations. Digital cameras, hand-held radios, and GPS trackers are among the investigative tools required to accumulate the best evidence and information to support client needs.


Our investigators are skilled communicators with broad experience testifying in court on civil and criminal matters. They maintain utmost professionalism to maintain credibility as expert and reliable witnesses.

Research & Analysis

Investigators utilize multiple websites and databases to search for details and information germane to their investigations. Effective data analysis allows our teams to exercise due diligence through workplace efficiencies, and build a quality case with details both relevant and actionable to the matter under investigation.


Investigative steps, interviews, and associated findings must be properly documented and communicated in a clear and unbiased report. Our reports of investigation provide the client a detailed summary that can serve as the basis for prosecution, administrative action, or organizational change when internal policies have failed to maintain integrity of operations.

Helpful Information

Private Investigators Defined – Bureau of Labor Statistics (click here)

Case Studies

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